Videogame on PC, PS4 and XBOX1
Expansion released in 2018
Creators: Sloclap Studio (Paris, France) 25 employees
Downfall was a major expansion for the online multiplayer action and fighting game Absolver (released in 2017). The content was a brand new PVE game mode, and a new challenge system with leaderboards for PvP fights.

As an intern, my main mission was to make a recast of the menus impacted by the update’s new systems, based on the Game Director’s concepts. I also did the thinking process and improved some ancient UI. I conceived (sketches, wireframes, mockups, UX solutions), designed (layouts, icons creation) and integrated (with Unreal’s widgets and blueprints systems) these new menus.
Reward Screen 1v1
Faejin Moves Icons
Reward Screen 3v3 All Poses
Exctract from the Absolver Experience Map
Experience Map visualization for a persona
Game Mode Selection Menu
School Menu
School Challenge Recap
Reward Screen Wireframe
Reward Screen Concept
Mixer for Absolver
My Internship Report
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