Concept for a location based mobile game
Document realized in 2019
Creator: Myself (for an entrance exam for a school)
Crossing Swords is a mobile game concept and also a dissertation about the use of data collect for profit or for user behavior analysis. The game is a kind of Pokemon Go, but in Paris at the time of the musketeers. Players, motivated by gamification elements like gaining points for their faction (King's soldiers or Guards of the Cardinal) are incited to travel Paris and visit its historical monuments.

The concept was shaped for the entrance exam of ENJMIN school. We had to imagine a game from a theme (Marketing) and with a thinking about our speciality (mine was ergonomics). It was the occasion for me to consider the subject through different angles (UX methods, budget, market) and search for solutions for the challenging UX design process of a real space based game.
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